DANBALL SENKI W NEW SYSTEME & NEW LBX !!:::PSP/PSV『ダンボール戦機W』主人公の新たな機体と読者投稿オリジナル機体を公開!カラー変更も実装!


■バン&ヒロが手に入れた新たな翼!『イカロス』降臨! 新主人公機『イカロス・フォース』『イカロス・ゼロ』登場! ストーリー中盤である事情から『ペルセウス』と『エルシオン』が使用不能に!絶対絶命かと思われたその時、新たな主人公機として現れたのが、ヒロが操作する『イカロス・フォース』、そしてバンが操作する『イカロス・ゼロ』だった! 規格外となる性能を備えたこの2体には、史上初となる“合体技”もあるらしいが……!?



●(LBX “Icarus Force”  Hiro new LBX)



●(LBX “Icarus Zero” Yamano Ban new LBX)



●LBX “Saurasu”  New LBX with the motif of the dinosaurs!



●新システム「カラー変更」でLBXを好きな色に塗ろう! 画面左下に表示されたカラーパレットから好きな色を選択! 頭・右腕・左腕・胴体・脚の特定の部分を自由にカラー変更できる。

●New System “Changing colors” : Color can be changed freely a particular part of the leg, left arm, right arm, head, torso.

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Move aside, ‘Transformers’ and ‘Gundam’, it’s no longer cool to be enormous. Instead make way for the little robots of Little Battler Experience!

In this exciting sci-fi ‘mecha’ (robot themed) series set in the year 2050, children build, customize and play with miniature Little Battler eXperience (LBX) robots in battles. Our young hero, 13-year-old Yamano Ban, hopes to become an LBX fighter like his friends, but is forbidden to own one as his father was taken from them in an accident relating to LBX years ago.

One day, Ban receives a suitcase from a mysterious woman who tells him that the ‘hopes and fears of humanity lie within’. And when Ban opens it, he finds a strange new LBX. Unbeknownst to him, he holds in his hands the ultimate LBX <AX-00> model robot.

Soon he is attacked by organizations who covet this LBX. Now, Ban and his friends, each with…

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Ni no Kuni All-in-One Edition PV:::二ノ国 白き聖灰の女王 オールインワン・エディション PV


Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch All-in-One Edition features  a new easy mode, Imagine monsters from the Ni no Kuni Daibouken  Monsters smartphone game,  and all post-release download content. As with previous Ni no Kuni  games, Level-5 developed the game with animation by Studio Ghibli, and Ghibli  collaborator Joe Hisaishiprovided music.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch shipped  for the PlayStation 3 console in Japan on November 17. The game is scheduled  for release in North America early next year.


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